Mechanical seal systems


Fematics Canada Inc. has provided fluid sealing solutions globally for more than 50 years. The core of our business is with the hydroelectric power stations... read more

Wash systems


Fematics Canada Inc. provides technical support and services for vehicles wash systems as well as distributing hi-quality wash systems accessories.


Mechanical Seal Manufacturing Division:


FEMATICS Canada Inc. located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is an OEM with over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals.

Formerly known as Huhn Seals also Tyton and Safematics, FEMATICS Inc. has a global presence with manufacturing capabilities that enable us to build mechanical seals up to 4 meters in diameter. Specializing in the custom design of both radial and axial seals for Hydro Turbines, we also work with myriad industries that require a reliable sealing solution.

We manufacture spare parts for the full range of our OEM products as well as parts for all of our competitors’ mechanical seals.


Vehicle Wash Systems Division:


The well established car wash company P. Sherman joined Fematics Canada Inc. in the late 1990's and visibly increased its presence in North America over the last two decades. We are proudly affiliated with the respected companies Hanna and Mark VII.

Our employees work tirelessly to build and maintain strong relationships within the vehicle-wash industry providing excellent and rapid response service. With dozens of installations across North America we can provide a custom solution